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Review: Colourpop – NKLA x Laura Lee Super Shock Shadow Foursome

amy 2 min read

Review: Colourpop – NKLA x Laura Lee Super Shock Shadow Foursome

Amy Petrucci 2 min read
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It has been a year since I last placed an order through Colourpop, the fact of which I’m both proud and shocked by. This independent makeup company has grown at a lightening-fast pace thanks to their brand collaborations and social media pull. They’re also known to drop heaps of on-trend collections and new products every year while maintaining affordable price points. In summation, they have lots of cool products that won’t break the bank, so I have to restrain myself from buying everything. I purchased two of their pressed shadow palettes and this Super Shock Shadow Foursome.

Super Shock Shadows come in a multitude of finishes and colors. Individual shadows cost $5.00 each and can be found here. They have a buttery smooth and bouncy texture. Since they are a cream-to-powder formula it is important to note that they can dry out quickly if you do not seal the top on tight after use. Once opened, they last up to a year. Unopened, they’ll last up to 3 years. Considering the price, I don’t mind the shorter shelf life. It encourages me to use products that I have and not be wasteful. 

As much as the market is saturated in warm eye shadows, I am a sucker for them. While these shadows are on the warm side, they are very versatile. They go great together and as separates. I like using them in conjunction with other pallets for a hint of sparkle (the shade Hiney looks different from every angle) or for a beautiful transition shade (Glitz and Shiny are great for this). The shades included in this package are:

Ritz – Sheer nude with silver glitter. This is a neutral shade with an ultra-glitter finish.

Glitz – Matte warm rose. This is a pink shade with a matte finish.

Shiny – Matte soft rust. This is a neutral shade with a matte finish.

Hiney – Icy pink with multi-dimensional glitter. This is a pink shade with an ultra-glitter finish.

You can see a look that I did with all four colors here on the right. I’m overall very happy with this collaboration. The shadows are user-friendly and very wearable.

Knowing that the proceeds of my purchase is going to an awesome charity is a plus, as well! More information about No Kill Los Angeles, an initiative led by Best Friends Animal Society can be found on their website

Kudos to Colourpop and Laura Lee for joining forces with NKLA to raise awareness for such an important cause. 

Originally Published on March 13, 2018. Photos by Amy Petrucci from CompassionateChic with the exception of the stock photos of the individual shadow containers from

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Hiya, I’m Amy

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