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A Gothic Romance by Necromancy Cosmetica

amy 3 min read

A Gothic Romance by Necromancy Cosmetica

Amy Petrucci 3 min read

Something wicked this way comes. Earlier this year, Necromancy Cosmetica, a fully vegan, independent brand from Puerto Rico that’s known for their lipsticks, released their very first pressed pigment and eyeshadow palette. When I saw the teaser promos, I instantly fell in love. Inspired by gothic literature, this palette is small (it easily fits in one hand) and folds like an old-fashioned room divider or accordion. It comes with a magnetic detachable mirror, and a protective sleeve that looks like a vintage leather book. The packaging and concept is A+, but what about the formula, shadows, and performance?

A Gothic Romance, the palette

Product Details:

  • Price: $42.00 USD
  • Vegan & Paraben-Free
  • Includes 8 Shades: 7 mattes, 1 shimmer
  • Made in the USA
  • Net weight: 11.64g/0.410 oz
  • Available for purchase on Necromancy Cosmetica’s website.
Swatches of A Gothic Romance

Shade Descriptions:

  • Infatuation – Bright Red
  • Velvet Thorns – Maroon
  • Melancholy – Dark Blue
  • Candlelight – Shimmery Gold
  • Wilted Roses – Dusty Pink
  • Penumbra – Dark Grey with Blue Undertones
  • Burial Ground – Neutral Brown Nude
  • Fantasma – Neutral Ivory Nude

This palette is quite versatile for only 8 shades. There’s an ability to go both warm and cool and light and dark. Fantasma is a perfect setting and highlighting shade for my skin tone. I also really like Burial Ground as a transition shade. I did experience slight staining with Infatuation, but that’s because it’s a pressed pigment. I found using an oil based cleanser does the trick of removing the stain entirely. My two personal favorite shades are Wilted Roses and Velvet Thorns. I think they go so well together for a grungy, floral fantasy. My only criticism is that Melancholy and Penumbra are a little too similar on the eye. Penumbra is darker and more grey based, so it’s a great color to deepen up any look. I just wish they either went a bit more grey or brightened Melancholy to make them more distinctive from one another.

*Please note that Infatuation, Wilted Roses, Burial Ground, Velvet Thorns, and Penumbra are pressed pigments, and are not intended for use in the immediate eye area. They’re approved in Europe, but the FDA has yet to approve their safety in the States. Pressed pigments are very common with vegan palettes in order to avoid the use of carmine, a pigment derived from beetles. I personally have never had any irritation to pressed pigments. I’ve only experienced minor staining. If you’re sensitive, you may want to do a patch test before use.

My look wearing A Gothic Romance. Photo by

Wear Time, Use & Look

The shadows are a bit on the drier side, so it took me longer to blend them out, but the end result always came out nicely. They’re easily buildable for darker saturation.

I found that transfer can occur with some of the darker shades, especially when exposed to heat. You can actually see the transfer of Penumbra which I used as eyeliner on my crease. I think it’s best to start off with a tacky base to avoid this from happening. Because of this experience, I can’t say that the shadows are the most long-wearing that I’ve used.

Overall, I found that I like this palette. Is it an absolute need? No, especially with the palette collection that I already have. Is it my favorite formula? No. Was I able to achieve an array of pretty looks? Yes.

The aesthetic is really stunning and Necromancy knocked the concept and design out of the park. I’m able to live out my dark academia fantasy with this palette. So, if you want something that’s both a novelty and fun to use, this may be the palette for you. It’s also great for travel or minimalist collections.

The back of the palette with detachable, magnetic mirror.

Article written by Amy Petrucci. Originally published on June 17, 2021. All photos by Amy Petrucci except when noted.

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